3-5 November 2016 Optimising IVF success - Gothenburg, Sweden

3-5 November 2016  Optimising IVF success - Gothenburg, Sweden


Course description

Course type



Course description including main topics

This course is organised by the Paramedical Board and SIG Embryology for laboratory technicians, embryologists and other clinic personnel who wish to improve their knowledge of ART. The course will be divided into four sessions over three days and will provide very useful information for lab technicians and embryologists working towards accredited ESHRE certification. Subjects covered will include basic biology, quality control of media, gamete failure, and basic statistics. Participants will also have the opportunity to question expert speakers in a Q&A session. A workshop session will provide small-group hands-on experience in time-lapse, cryopreservation and quality control. This course will also offer excellent networking opportunities with colleagues from across Europe and to exchange information and experiences.


Course objectives
  • To provide an update on basic reproductive biology
  • To build experience during the hands-on time-lapse and cryopreservation workshop
  • To foster discussion on quality in the lab via a Q&A session with experts
Target audience
Laboratory technicians, embryologists and paramedicals


Educational needs and expected outcomes

An opportunity to refresh knowledge and update understanding of innovative laboratory techniques.


Educational methods
  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Hands-on


Innovative aspects
  • Hands-on workshop session.
  • Access to a panel of experts for a question and answer session.

The official language of the course is English. 


Certificate of attendance

Participants can only obtain a certificate of attendance after completing the online evaluation. After the course, ESHRE will send an email with the link and more information.